Useful Guides

Links to Industry Guides

The following are links to regulatory guidance and industry best practice in relation to contaminated land

Planning & Development

National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

Model Procedures for the Management of Land Contamination (CLR 11)

Planning Policy Statement 23: Planning Pollution and Control Annex 2: Development on Land Effected by Contamination 

(The NPPF withdrew this guidance, but it still pretty much remains the template for how local authories want contaminted land assessments to follow – individual or groups of LAs may well issue their own guidance, but we can expect them to look pretty similar to PPS23)

NHBC – Guidance for the Safe Development of Housing on Land Affected by Contamination (Vol 1)

NHBC – Guidance for the Safe Development of Housing on Land Affected by Contamination (Vol 2)

HMRC Guidance – Land Remediation Relief (LRR)

Environmental Regulations

Environmental Protection Act 1990 – Part 2A Contaminated Land

DEFRA – Contamianted Land Statutory Guidance 

Environment Agency – Groundwater protection: policy and practice (GP3)

Environmental Permitting

DEFRA – Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010 and guidance

EA Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs)

Storage & Distribution of Fuels

DEFRA Groundwater Protect Code: Petrol Stations and Other Fuel Dispensing Facilities Involving UST

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) 2001

Easy Guide to Oil Storage Regulations

PPg2 Above ground Oil Storage Tanks

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