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Pristine specialises in the remediation of soil and groundwater which have been contaminated by a variety of pollutants including petroleum hydrocarbons, heavy metals, coal tars, and chlorinated solvents. Our capability encompasses all aspects of site remediation including installation of in-situ technologies and implementation of precision excavation and removal.

The Pristine remediation service is designed to provide our clients with a cost effective clean-up strategy for contaminant removal, with the most appropriate remedial approach determined through a rigorous options appraisal which considers site specific factors. The most appropriate remedial solution for a site will not always involve the removal of contamination, a more practical and cost effective solution may instead focus on breaking the pathways between a contaminant source and an environmental receptor or future resident.

Where contaminants do need to be removed and an in-situ technique is not appropriate, the extent and cost of excavation and disposal operations are minimised through targeted removal and a sound understanding of waste management regulations, ensuring the correct classification of waste materials.

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