Feasibility Support

Pristine Feasibility Support is a service we provide for our clients, either as standard with a proposal request or on an ad hoc basis when they are looking at sites / potential developments etc. It’s essentially a ‘heads-up’ summary of site history, sensitivity and anticipated ground conditions with a risk scoring for potential environmental and geotechnical liability.

This obviously isn’t as in depth as a Desk Study and isn’t aiming to clear a planning condition, but we try to keep it free and our clients evidently find it extremely useful, whether it’s banks looking to assess lending risk, developers looking to better understand what liabilities they might be buying with the land, to project managers and architects looking to get a feel for how onerous planning conditions might be etc.

Here is a typical example of what you might get back: 

We also tailor additional sections to specific client requirements – for instance you might be involved in feasibility for Petrol Retail, in which case you are also likely to be interested in the potential for an Environment Agency objection to below ground fuel storage, a subject on which we have a great deal of experience to offer (see our Petrol Retail page).

If you’d like to know more about this service and how we can help you, please contact us.

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