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Pristine has over two decades of experience working with both independent and corporate petrol retailers to help assess and manage environmental risks associated with storage and retail distribution of fuels.

Between us at Pristine, we have assessed literally hundreds of petrol station sites. Pristine has undertaken risk ranking exercises for large multiple site portfolios which consider both installation risk from the age and make of fuel infrastructure and the environmental risk from the sensitivity of a site’s location to develop valuable estate management tools which have enabled the targeting of investment and resources. We have provided regular monitoring and management services for high risk sites and we have successfully designed, installed and operated remedial systems across a hugely diverse range of sites where issues have occurred, often on extremely short timescales.

It is safe to say that at Pristine, we understand petrol retail.

One of the biggest challenges to those involved in the feasibility of new PFS sites or the redevelopment and upgrade of existing sites is the Environment Agency’s implementation of their Groundwater Protection: Principles and Practice (known as GP3). This has led to objections to proposals for below ground storage tanks and uncertainty within the planning system. Our work with both leading petrol retailers, Petroleum Officers and the Environment Agency on the application of the EA’s Position Statements on below ground and sub-watertable fuel storage has led to an excellent understanding of the issues at hand. 

If you would like to know more on how we can apply our experience to your benefit or discuss how one of our Fuel Storage Feasibility Reports can support your planning application, please contact Raymond Humphrey Edwards.

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