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Limit your exposure

If you are a bank, investor or financial institution evaluating an investment opportunity, or a landlord looking to agree or terminate a long-term lease of a site, it is imperative that your due diligence process includes a risk assessment of potential land contamination and environmental compliance.

Pristine works with investment and funding organisations to implement environmental due diligence, including environmental audits, desk studies and intrusive site assessments, designed to limit an investors’ exposure to future financial loss.

Where a potential liability has been identified, we present a clearly structured assessment of the likely requirement and associated cost of remedial work.

You might also be interested in our Feasibility Support service, which provides clients with an essential ‘heads-up’ summary of site history, sensitivity and anticipated ground conditions with a risk scoring for potential environmental and geotechnical liability associated with a site or particular development scheme. Click here to see an example and find out more.

If you’re thinking of investing, anywhere in the world, contact us for environmental protection.

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